Need Lead Vocal


I am seeking for a vocalist that can provide a super clean emotional delivery like Ed Sheeran or Paul McCartney.

You will need to record your vocal on a separate track and send it to me for final processing. It should not have any effects. It must be absolutely dry.

I will add harmony using your voice and effects as needed.

Your performance will be released commercially and you will be credited as a featured artist (vocalist). If any royalties accrue - you will be entitled to your share. 

I have had two #1 singles on the Adult Contemporary radio charts last year (2019) and hope this song may become another one of those. You will get a lot of airplay if things go as planned.

There are 3 downloadable versions on this page.


1) The song with a scratch vocal and harmony


2) The song with a single vocal (a guide vocal)  on one side of a stereo recording (use stereo headphones to listen to the guide vocal while you record. Balance the amount of vocal you hear by taking the earpiece slightly off your ear until you hear just the right amount.


3) The song with only music (you may prefer to use this to record with)

Contact me through the CONTACT page on this website and I will email you back.

Thanks, gramma gikki, aka grikki



by gramma rikki copyright 2020


Life creates reflections

mirrors of the past

looking back at moments

posing questions never asked


what if what has happened

never actually took place?

would you still be happy,

would you be in this same space?


Everything I have now

All the memories I own

Come from loving just you

Every one a stepping stone


Life is better closer

Never going very far

Just us growing older

Just us being who we are


Looking back at what had brought us closer

dreams and tears and songs we loved we both were

bonded by the things we loved together

times we shared and friends we both preferred


I wish we lasted longer

My dreams at night take me back

To those days you were here,

Treasured Glimpses of the past


I don't know how to reach you

So I'm dreaming out to touch you

Sending thoughts and dreams too

Can your dreams take my hand?

I want to tell you,

Hoping you'll understand,

Nothings perfect, NOTHING (spoken)

We came close as any can.

Life was better closer,

Never being very far,

Now we just grew older,

Just being where we are.

Looking back at how we fell apart,

The best part of my life is still the way we were

that mirror in my mind still has you, sweetheart,

My dreams will always help me keep you closer.